Design Concept - The Kayon Valley Resort

Design Concept

A brilliant balance of nature, culture, and modern design, The Kayon Valley Resort has been created to take guests on a journey that stimulates all five senses, inspired by the famous Kumbhakarna of the Ramayana epic.

A complex character in the Ramayana, Kumbhakarna had layers of appreciative virtues. He was a fighter who would protect his family, powerful, honest, and had a delicate taste in things such as food and the importance of resting.
With this character in mind, The Kayon Valley Resort thrives to spoil guests with an ultimate pampering experience.

The soothing sounds of birds, wind chimes, and the gentle flow of water across the valley drift you to a new level of tranquility. Meanwhile, its manicured gardens, tropical foliage, and incense fill the air with exotic fragrances. The visual appeal comes from its architectural concept, stylish design elements, Balinese artworks, and lush landscape.
Your taste buds will be enticed by fresh and flavourful cuisine and complimentary treats served throughout the day.
The linens and soft bath towels provided will pamper your entire relaxation stay.